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Get involved with View Groups! We have a variety of groups with different meeting times to suit your needs!

Sunday School Classes

We have wonderful Sunday School Classes that meet each Sunday morning at 10am.  These classes range from gender specific to couple classes.  These classes are lead by great teachers that are passionate and excited about the Word of God. 

Anchor Bible Study

Caring Friends Circle

Connection 1

Crossroads Class


Larry Phillips, Michael Jackson, Henry Bridges, Ronnie Wall

Friendship Class

Room 105

His Disciples

Small Side of Fellowship Building

A 50's and above women's class that studies the Word of God while fellowshipping and growing together. 


Lynn Criscione, Jackie Tinsley, Phyllis Kimbrell

Open Door

Room 102

Single Adult Class

Room 103

Age: 50's & Above



Tim Gregory, Ray Wall, Rick Sparks

Small Groups

We have a variety of small groups that meet.  We have couple groups and gender specific groups.  If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please contact Zach Rogers at

Sunday Night

Couple Groups at 6pm 

Student Connect Groups at 6pm

Monday Night

Women Groups at 6:30pm 

Wednesday Night

Men Groups at 9:00pm