We are blessed to have such great facilities here at View Church.  Thank you for considering using them for your special event.  If you have any questions or concerns after completing these steps, please do not hesitate to call the church office.  
Once the form is submitted someone will be in touch with you to discuss availability.
Step 1:
Please print out this form, it will explain our policies and scheduling information.  This form has a check-list that will need to be completed when cleaning and closing up the facilities.  
After using the facilities, please sign, date, and return the form along with the keys. 
Step 2:
(Please print this form, sign and return along with signed Request Form.

Facilities Committee: Reviewed by Staff
Reservations should be made no less 30 days in advance by “ACTIVE” church members only
  • Only authorized members will be assigned keys and security codes.  Please do not try to duplicate a key.  Security codes will only be good for day of use.
  • Adult members reserving the center must make arrangements with the church secretary for pickup and return of the Multi-Purpose Center Key.
  • Request for recurring or ongoing activities should be submitted online or via email through the secretary and approved at a Staff Meetings.
  • Reservations will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis. Church-wide events will take precedence over all other activities. 
  • The center should be relinquished upon the termination of the reserved time.
  • Do not put any type of tape (masking, duct, etc.) on any of the center floors, walls, or ceilings of the gym!
  • All trash containers are to be emptied.
  • Table and chairs are not to be removed from the building. 
  • Do not drag or push heavy objects across any of the floors.

Rules and Policies for Proper Conduct and Behavior

  • The Multi-Purpose Center is a part of View Church and everyone should conduct himself/herself with behavior conductive to Christian morals. Wholesome recreation and good sportsmanship is expected at all times.
  • No drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of drugs will be permitted in the building or on church property. Anyone caught drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs on the property will be required to leave. 
  • There will be no unauthorized use of the center at any time. Any unauthorized entrance into the center may result in the suspension of the privilege of the individual or individuals to use the facility.
  • Christian modesty and good taste are expected in attire. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times while in the Multi-Purpose Center
    • Tennis shoes or sneakers (no black-sole shoes) must be worn while participating in athletic activities in the gym.
    • The person receiving the building (other than church-wide events) is responsible for securing the building before leaving. This includes turning off lights, turning off heating/air and making sure all outside doors are locked. The Director of the Multi-Purpose Center will check the center to ensure the center is in good condition, and if not, the designated adult will be contacted.
    • The person and/or group reserving the building (other than church-wide events) will be responsible for cleaning the building. This includes sweeping, and wet mopping floor areas where food and/or drinks may have been served.  The director will check to ensure the building is clean, and if not, the designated adult will be contacted.
    • No pets will be allowed in the building. (Excluding Service Animals)
    • No loitering outside of the building. 
    • Anyone caught abusing the building and/or equipment will be held responsible for damages. He or she will not be allowed to use the facility again.
    • The church staff, security personnel, or the adult in charge has the authority to ask anyone behaving in an un-Christian manner to leave the premises. 
    • Fighting, profanity, abusive language, and questionable games are prohibited and will result in immediate removal.
    • No baseballs, softballs, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, or scooters will be allowed in the building.
    • No horse playing allowed in the activity room, hallways, fellowship hall, or restrooms.

    The adult assuming responsibility must sign the form. Priority of use is determined by the church calendar.

    No event is scheduled until you have received confirmation from the church secretary following receipt of the application.

    * (View Church) reserves the right to refuse use of these facilities.

    After reading & signing the polices, reservations, and scheduling guidelines, please submit the calendar request form.

    Gym Clean Up Checklist 

    _ Return all equipment to designated areas (balls, nets, etc) used by your group.

    _ Check restrooms for any debris or excessive water and mop floor if needed.

    _ Sweep the gym floor.

    _ If food and drink were approved with your application, please mop up any spills.

    _ Check for and remove any trash left by your group.

    _ Please leave room temperature setting as you found it.

    _ Turn off all lights and any electrical equipment.

    _ Make sure the building is empty, doors are locked, and ALARM is set as you leave. 


    Kitchen and Dining Area Clean Up Checklist 

    _ Wash and return all dishes and equipment to their proper places. 

    _ Clean tables, counters, equipment, and appliances. 

    _ Check for, and remove, any trash left by your group.

    _ Sweep kitchen and dining area, mop up spills, especially in or around refrigerator, stove, or other appliances. 

    _ Take away all food and dishes that you brought. Check to ensure that you have not inadvertently packed any View Church equipment.

    _ Church condiments and paper product are not furnished for use by outside groups. Please replace any of these items that your group may have used.

    _ Leave tables and chairs clean and in proper places as found. 

    _ Turn off stove, oven, and appliances. Please leave refrigerator and room temperature settings exactly as found. Turn off all lights, including bathroom.

    _ Report your group’s departure to the representative of the church on the premises, or else make sure the building is empty and doors are locked as you leave.

    Please return envelope and the signed form in our mailbox located on the far-right side of the church. 

    Thank you for helping keep our facilities clean!



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    Keys and form received in office by _________________________  Date:______________ Key Number________________