Frequently Asked Questions

Where is guest parking?
When you enter the larger church parking lot (on the left of the buildings if you’re facing them), Guest Parking is immediately on your right. On Sunday mornings, a Frontline Team Member will be be in the front of the Worship Center. They can direct you to the Children’s area, Sunday school or to the Worship Center.
What is there for my kids?
We have a great place for Kids!  A place where where kids are safe, planted, take root, grow and bear fruit. As kids grow up, our goal is to strengthen their C.O.R.E.Committed to God, Obedient to the Word, Rooted in Christ, and Equipped to serve Him. There are classes for kids (infant-fifth grade) during our two worship hours. We have Children’s Worship at 8:30 and at 11 each Sunday morning. Every Wednesday night, we offer AWANA.
How do I join the church?
If God has brought you to View Church – and to connect at a deeper level, GREAT! We’re excited for you. Church Membership here is a simple process. We have a Connection Room off the foyer of the Worship Center. Stop by before or after the service and let us know of your decision. We then offer a four-week membership class with lots of information and can help you move into an area where you can serve.
How do I join a group?
Whether it’s finding the right Sunday School class, a Connection Group, a Bible Study or more information about Celebrate Recovery, we’re glad to help. We have Sunday School classes that are age and gender specific, and some that deal with issues such as Parenting Teens and Marriage. Celebrate Recovery deals with ANY Habit, Hurt or Hang-up and meets each Friday evening at 6 (dinner),  moves to group worship & teaching and then to small groups.
How do I get involved in one of the ministries?
Call us! Our receptionist will direct you to the minister over the position. Whether it’s driving a bus, singing in the choir, working with students, greeting, media…you get the idea! If you want to serve, we have a place for you!
What denomination is View Church affiliated with?
View Church is a Southern Baptist Church. Locally, we are a part of the North Spartan Baptist Association.
How do I contact the church? 
Our church offices are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 1 pm. Our phone number is (864) 578-6090. Email DeAnna Miller . She will pass your email along to the proper person.